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Thinking in visual communication
When did people start using visual representations for their thoughts? Let it remain a mystery.
The examples of figurative expression date 32,000 years back and come from the Cro-Magnon epoch. Yet, they are still readable to us, and don’t seem much different from the visual messages we create today. This makes us think the visual form remains a most accessible and universal means of communication across cultures and centuries. Has the role of the visual communication changed in our contemporary shrinking multi-culture multi-lingual world? Having expanded our cognitive abilities so much, why do we still find the visual expression most efficient? Are we aware of limitations our brains have?

Conference from 12th till 13th December 2014
The European National Institutes for Culture in Warsaw (EUNIC) in cooperation with National Audio-Visual Institute (NInA), Copernicus Science Center in Warsaw, Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technologies (PJIIT) and the Academy of Fine Arts (ASP) in Katowice have a pleasure to invite the international community of professionals and students from different disciplines, such as designers, scientists, artists and philosophers, as well as everyone interested in exchanging knowledge on visual communication, to participate in the ‘Thinking in visual communication’ conference. The focus of the 2-day conference, following three days of workshops, will be the broad field of: intellectual processes behind visual language, theoretical and experimental methods of graphic design problem-solving, teaching thinking in design and creative processing. The general subject: thinking in visual communication has been divided into four groups of various topics:
1. participate in thinking – designing with user-generated content, user influence on designer’s brain
2. abilities of our brains
3. visualization of thinking
4. dead-ends in design thinking.
workshops from 9th till 11th December
The 3 days of workshops are intended to provide participants with tools useful in constructing visual communicates facilitating the learning process (workshop for children), promoting knowledge (workshops for scientist, designers and culture animators), help deliver complex information in a smart visual package (workshop for designers on augmented reality) and make it all both beautiful and accessible for users (‘write and see your minds’ workshop).

exhibition from 11th till 31th December
A one-month visual presentation of intellectual processes behind design projects. Students’ posters will teach us about class assignments’ context reflecting user goals and tasks, technology systems, business pro- cesses. The posters will present the tasks-flow and intellectual processing behind final results of projects.
EUNIC stands for European Union National Institutes for Culture. It is a partnership and network of cultural institutes and cultural departments of the European Union countries’ embassies.
EUNIC’s mission is to promote European values and to contribute to cultural diversity inside and outside of the EU through collaboration between European cultural institutes.
EUNIC projects contribute to connecting culture with such key areas as development, ecology, conflict prevention and conflict resolution. The projects also foster innovation and development of creative economies.
EUNIC has 31 members from 26 countries, represented in over 150 countries with more than 2,000 branches and thousands of local partners. The members work in the arts, language, youth, education, science, intercultural dialogue and development sectors. On the local level, EUNIC members join together in clusters to collaborate on common projects and initiatives.
EUNIC-Warszawa has been a thriving cluster since its start in 2007. The cluster cooperates with over 50 different local, regional and national institutions, in a big variety of cultural, social and educational projects. The combined action, knowledge and experience of 17 full members, 8 associated members and over a dozen regular guests result in around 8 common projects each year in and outside the city of Warsaw.
Brody Neuenschwander
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Brody Neuenschwander http://www.brodyneuenschwander.com/ was born in Houston, Texas in 1958. He studied art history at Princeton University and the Courtauld Institute, London, receiving his PhD in 1986. He studied calligraphy at the Roehampton Institute under Ann Camp and then became assistant to Donald Jackson. Since 1988, he has worked as a free-lance calligrapher, first in the UK and now in Bruges, Belgium. Clients have included the US, UK, and Belgian governments, the BBC, Time-Life Books, and the Royal Mail. He has worked with director Peter Greenaway on several films, including Prospero’s Books and The Pillow Book. Starting around 1995, Brody’s work has evolved into a confrontation with conceptual art; abstract calligraphy is brought into contact with texts and images that investigate the nature of language and the tension between text and image. Brody has received several awards, including the D&AD Silver Award in 2000 and the Belle Lettere Award in 1997.

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9–11th of December 2014
location: Copernicus Science Centre
12–13th of December 2014
location: Copernicus Science Centre
Walter Bohatsch
Ioana Calen
Antonio Damasio
Hanno Depner
Peter Gyllan
Eleni Glinou & Katerina Antonaki
Hillary Kenna
Marek Kultys
Anna Machwic
Paul Mijksenaar
Miguel Neiva
Brody Neuenschwander
Christoph Niemann
Niels Christian Konrad Nielsen
Anne Odling-Smee
Timo de Rijk
Simon Roche
Oliviero Toscani
Charis Tsevis
Marcin Wichrowski
Mariusz Wszołek
9–11th of December 2014
location: Copernicus Science Centre
12–13th of December 2014
location: Copernicus Science Centre
Anna Machwic 9:00-10:30

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The European National Institutes for Culture in Warsaw (EUNIC) in cooperation with National Audiovisual Institute (NInA), Copernicus Science Center in Warsaw, Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technologies (PJIIT) and the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice (ASP KATOWICE) have a pleasure to invite the international community of students from different disciplines, such as designers, scientists, artists and philosophers to participate in the ‘Students thinking in visual communication’ poster presentation.
Organizers of the Think(in)visual communication conference invite you to present visually intellectual processes behind design projects. The critical thinking and strategic planning is an important part of contemporary design practice. We wish to encourage you to illustrate methods of problem-solving and ways of thinking applied in your design and creative processing. We expect that your posters will teach us about your projects’ context reflecting user goals and tasks, technology systems, business processes. We would like to learn how you think while designing. Your presentation should tell us about tasks-flow and intellectual processing behind final form of projects.
Please send your projects via Wetransfer on office.tivc@gmial.com On the specified e-mail you will get delivery confirmation of your file.

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I certify that all the information supplied above is true. I also certify that the submitted entry is my own and original work and it has been prepared in accordance with the Rules of the qualification to the Models of Creative Process – Students’ Mind Maps Students thinking in visual communication – poster exhibition
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Conference 12th–13th dec
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Workshops 9th–11th dec
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Kultys 40 pln / 10€ 80 pln / 20€ 120 pln / 30€
Machwic free one day workshops
Neuenschwander 40 pln / 10€ 80 pln / 20€ 120 pln / 30€
Wichrowski 40 pln / 10€ 80 pln / 20€ 120 pln / 30€
Roche free admission, registration necessary
Glinou & Antonaki free admission, registration necessary
Posters’ exhibition 11th–31st Dec. – free
Movie 11th Dec. 17:30
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Food will be available at Copernicus Science Centre's bar.
For those who have to plan their trip:
The workshops will begin on Tuesday 9th Dec. at 10.00 am in the Copernicus Center. Lectures will begin on Friday 12th Dec. at 10.00 am (check-in possible from 8.30) and end on Saturday evening at 5.00 pm.
When buying concession tickets, you must provide the relevant proof (valid proof of matriculation, proof of unemployment, proof you are still at school, or similar).

A participant, who is unable to attend the conference, may name a substitute in writing.

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